Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello world!  It's me!

I'm Tall Girl.  I have big plans and big dreams.  Many of these involve crafts.  Most of these involve crafts.  I love being creative and coming up with new ideas.  I also love to read and would read all day if I could.  Favorite book?  Jane Eyre.  Favorite sport?  Volleyball.  Favorite food?  Ice cream.  Favorite color?  Green.  Sometimes purple, but usually green.  Favorite subject?  Math.  I'm a nerd.  And I love nerd jokes.  Don't judge.

This is my hubby, Tall Boy.

He is a definite ham and a giant nerd.  He tells horrible puns.  Have you ever read the jokes they put on Laffy Taffy?  His puns are like those.  They are funny but awful at the same time.  He's pretty awesome at fixing things and he's great at being thoughtful.  All around he's a pretty nice guy.

This is my cat, Dippy.

She basically has the most awesome life ever: sleep, eat, sleep, chase yarn, sleep, chase ball, eat, sleep, stand on owner's throat while they try to sleep, sleep, repeat.  She's pretty dumb though.  She falls off of most things and runs into walls.  Her most useful trait is that she loves to chase and eat bugs.

So now that the introduction of my little family is done, I can tell you a little bit about what this blog will be about.

In my opinion there are Five Commandments of Crafting.
1.  Crafts must have a purpose.  I don't like making things for the sake of making things.  I have more than enough knick knacks to dust, thankyouverymuch.  When I make something it must be useful in some way.  (Even if that use isn't immediate.)
2.  My crafts must be cute.  Unless they're intended to be notcute.  I'm a perfectionist and I don't like my handiwork to turn out looking like a Picasso when it was intended to be a Michelangelo.  Sometimes this involves some pretty awesome MacGyver tactics, but in the end it looks like I intended.  Mostly.
3.  Completing the craft must be fun.  That's kinda what the point is.
4.  The cost of completing a craft must not require taking out a second mortgage.  I don't have a house and I don't think my landlord would appreciate me mortgaging my apartment so this is a biggie.
5.  I get bonus points if I turn something old/broken/ugly into something new/cute/awesome.

I follow these Commandments (they are subject to change) and I make awesome things.  Cheaply.  Not cheaply as in crappy fall-apart-the-first-time-you-use-it though.  Cheaply as in I-didn't-spend-much-on-this-and-it-turned-out-really-awesome.  So I'm going to attempt to share this knowledge with you, readers.  Hopefully it comes in useful.  :)


  1. Love your Cat!


  2. Horray! I can't wait to see all your projects, and of course hi-jack them! :)