Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Personalized Stationery

Maybe you feel like making something nice for yourself.  Maybe you need a relatively quick gift idea.  Maybe your creative side is crying out for a fun project for the afternoon.  You want to make some personalized stationery.

To make this stationery you will only need a few supplies:
-- Blank note cards (scrapbook paper or cardstock cut to size would also work)
-- Rubber stamps and/or clear stamps and blocks  (you can find some great ones in the dollar bins at Michael's or Pat Catan's)
-- Rubber stamp ink pads
-- Wet paper towels

Start off with your stamps.  You can find some nice, inexpensive rubber stamps.  (Six of these only cost $1!)

And gather some clear stamps, too, if you would like.  You can find $1 bin clear stamps too!  Clear stamps usually come in packages or sets of related stamps rather than individually and are usually a bit more expensive.

Take each blank card (or paper cut to size) and stamp an image or a monogram on the front.  You can make your cards top fold or side fold.  Mix it up and have some stamps centered and others off center.  Maybe you want a set of cards with identical stamps or perhaps you want a variety of covers on your stationery.  Have fun with it!  Make the project yours!  For a special touch, you can even stamp a medium sized letter on the envelopes next to where the return address goes.

As you stamp you can let the ink dry by standing the cards up on their sides to maximize space on your table. Once dried you can tie the packet of cards with a ribbon and voila!  Adorable!

$10       --  40 pack of blank pastel note cards
$5         --  three ink pads
$1-$15  --  stamps  (this will vary depending on how many you purchase, how many you already own, etc.)

And the best part is that most of those supplies are usable for future projects!

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