Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Favorite Blogs

Though I'm not so great at being consistent about writing on my own blog, I have a few blogs that I love to read.  Check them out!

Nice Girl Notes

-- A lifestyle blog about a mom with three adorable girls.  This blog is hilarious and touches on topics ranging from childhood memories to getting preschoolers to do chores.  My favorite blog post is a storytelling post about her brother.  And pretty much everything else on her "Best Of" page.

Elle Apparel

-- I like this blog because of the awesome tutorials and the ideas for sewing projects.  I'm not the greatest at decorating and fashion (though I like pretending I am) and this blog has some great ideas for both.  My favorite post is the tutorial for making a t-shirt dress.

How Sweet It Is

-- This blog features some of the most delicious and creative recipes ever.  Some of them are a little out there for my tastes but most of them make me fatter just looking at them.  My cake batter bark post is based on her recipe.  I've been eyeing up her chocolate fudge peanut butter cake and need an excuse to try it...among others.  :)


-- I love this blog for all the tutorials on kids clothes.  They are so cute!  When I get some time I'm going to whip up some circle skirts for Little One.

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