Monday, November 12, 2012

Photographing Baby

So I have been drastically ignoring this blog.  It's been just over a year since I last posted....*hides face in shame*

What has happened in this past year?  Nothing major...only a baby, an inter-state move, and new jobs for the hubby and I.  No biggie.

Anyway, this is the Little One:

3 months old!

She was born August 11 and has taken us on quite a trip through new parenthood (which isn't even close to being over yet).

Little One turned 3 months old yesterday.  I've planned to get her photos done at 0, 3, 6 and 12 months.  I spent way too much on her photos at 9 days old, primarily because I wanted somebody to come to me to take the pictures as I couldn't drive yet and Daddy had had his new job for a week and couldn't take time off yet.

So as the 3 month marker approached I was thinking about what to do in the back of my head.  I decided to give it a go myself and if the pictures didn't turn out then I would have only wasted a little bit of time.  I'm happy to say that I think the pictures turned out great (you're free to disagree).  And even better my Shutterfly order of prints came to $12.  Compared to the $70 I spent before....who wouldn't love that?  Here's how I did it.

First I read some photo tips on the Internet and checked out some ideas on Pinterest.  I ended up not really using any of those cute ideas mainly because I didn't want to spend the time gathering up all the supplies or because I didn't have comparable item(s).

Next I waited until Little One was in a good mood.  I changed her diaper and undressed her all in one shot and she was ready to go.  You may want to dress your baby or use some cute props.  In these Little One is wearing a simple white flower headband.  Things like headbands, hats, diaper covers, and onesies are all good props.  Avoid using things with writing as that will take attention away from your adorable baby.  If you want a full body shot I'd recommend some kind of diaper cover, cloth diaper, or clothing.  The shots with her disposable diaper in them just looked weird to me.  Or if you're brave you can let baby go commando.  Good luck with that.

I used the room with the best light in our apartment (none of them get good light at all).  That room hapens to have a bed in it so I was able to prop stuff up on the bed.  I used bed pillows to position her and large pieces of cloth as backdrops.

My large pieces of cloth were bought on sale last week at JoAnn fabrics for the purpose of making dress up clothes in the future.  However the satin and lace really gave the photos a nice look.  You could really use anything...a sheet, afghan, comforter, etc.  Just make sure it's a decent size and is clean enough to put your baby on it.

Basically position your pillow(s), drape your cloth over them, position baby on top, and snap away.  Take as many pictures as you can.  A lot of mine came out blurry because of the wriggling baby.  She also had a short span of toleration for this activity.  If your baby wants to be held you can get a helper to take the place of the pillows, drape the cloth over them, and have them hold baby in place.  A helper would be nice to help get baby smiling, but I managed this photo by myself.  And in only about 15 minutes too.

Try a number of different backdrops.  It's hard to know how they'll look until you blow them up on your computer.  I tried to use solids or simple patterns because I wanted the focus to be on the baby rather than on the things around her.

I thought that the purple backdrop (though it looks rather blue in this shot) made her skin look a little too blue.

The pink one was ok...I still thought the skin tone looked off.

I liked the purple with the lace over it best.

I also used the bedspread and wall as a backdrop.

I also brought out a baby blanket and draped her with it.

In this one my hand is actually underneath the blanket holding her foot at the angle I wanted.  And more importantly, holding it still.

You could also add in toys or stuffed animals.  I tried to keep it simple but there are loads of possibilities!

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